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How I become who I am

The truth and nothing but the truth.

That’s what always intrigued me. For me personally, nothing is more exciting than the truth. However, nothing in this world is so often either concealed or twisted.

As a journalist, it has always driven me to dig deeper. Not least with my award-winning story on the Globudent dentist scandal, which won me the prestigiuous Wächterpreis der Tagespresse for standing up for democratic values.


Today, I recognise inconsistencies in facial expressions and body language.

With my skills, I can detect unspoken objections and decode emotions, even if my opposite remains silent. It’s my expertise to  relate to my dialogue partners on an empathetic level and respond to them where they are emotionally.


I share this knowledge as a certified trainer from the Eilert Academy, Germany's leading institute for body language  and facial expression resonance® and. My clients are companies, managers and individuals.


And I make use of it in my coaching sessions to more quickly uncover my clients’ hidden drivers or fears.


Simply recognising emotions is not enough for me.

Getting to the origin of emotions, deciphering the needs behind them and facilitating an appreciative approach – that’s what drives me.

To support you as best as possible, I constantly develop my skills as a trainer and coach.


How I became wo I am - my CV.

  Facial expression and body language
02.2022 Mimic Resonance® Master, Eilert Academy, Berlin
09.2021 Mimic Resonance® Trainer, Eilert Academy, Berlin
09.-11.2020 Facial Expression Resonance® Counsellor, Eilert Academy, Berlin
2023 NLC/NLP-Coach (DVNLP), Besser-Siegmund-Institut, Hamburg
  NLP-Practitioner Coach (NLPDV), Institute for Effective Communication, Babenhausen  

2020 – 2023


Mental Coach for Systemic Short Term Concepts (DVNLP/GNLC), Besser-Siegmund-Institut, Hamburg
(a form of short-term coaching that combines elements of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP),
a well researched muscle test and elements of emotional stress release)

2021 Wingwave-Coach*, Besser-Siegmund-Institut, Hamburg

(Wingwave is a coaching method aiming to create positive changes by addressing emotional and mental blockages through
a structured and goal-oriented approach. It combines elements of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), a well-researched muscle test,

and thebenefits of awake REM phases to help individuals manage and reduce stress, overcome limiting beliefs, increase emotional
balance and creativity and enhance their overall personal and professional development.

  Further training
10.2023 Certifed Practitioner of Applied Neuroscience, Eilert-Academy, Berlin
04.2023 Basic course in hypnosis and flash hypnosis, ZHI
07.2021 Aromatherapy, Eilert Academy, Berlin
  Non-violent/appreciative communication (NVC)
2021 Trainer for non-violent/appreciative communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg
2017 Basic training in non-violent communication
2016 – 2020 Various seminars on NVC
since 04.2017 editor at the Lebensmittelzeitung (LZ)
since 09.2012 editor at Deutscher Fachverlag in various positions
2006 - 2012 financial editor at Handelsblatt



Wächterpreis der Tagespresse for my articles on the Globudent dentist scandal
in the Financial Times Deutschland

2000 - 2006


editor and freelancer for Stern, ZEIT, Financial Times Deutschland, Merian, Frankfurter Rundschau,
BIZZ-Capital and WOCHE, among others
1998 - 2000 Henri Nannen School of Journalism
1989 - 1998 Double degree in political science, economics, Hispanic and Romance studies in Hamburg and Madrid