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Can you do it

Can you read faces?

Challenge yourself and take the emotion recognition test. (Website in German for the time being.)

Micro-expressions, lasting no longer than an instant blink of the eye, provide clues to emotions, needs and unspoken objections.


Spotting emotions without words

Test yourself: Do you still need words or are you already reading expressions non-verbally?

Test your ability to recognise emotions with the science-based Reliable Emotion Action Decoding test (READ test).

Decode the cross-cultural primary emotions of fear, sadness, anger, disgust, surprise, contempt and joy in the 14 facial expressions shown at a click of the mouse.


My recommendation:

Take 10 minutes in which you are undisturbed. Start the test.

Concentrate. The change from neutral facial expression to emotion and back again happens within 100 ms. This is roughly equivalent to blinking once. Select which emotion you have just recognised in the bar on the right.


How well did you perform?

I would be happy to send you your individual results. Please contact me to receive your personalised evaluation. Link zur Seite Contact-Stay in touch


Think you could do better?

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