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Smart Coaching

I support you with my mind and my heart.


Life is challenging: Whether your boss is especially annoying, your employees aren't pulling their weight or change processes are making you feel uneasy. Or when you have to deal with  private issues draining your inner strength or disturbing your sleep. These are times, when confiding in someone can really make a difference.


I can help you get back in control, release mental blockades, strengthen resources and achieve your goals even better. All my coaching methods are based on the latest neurobiological research. I use various NLP methods, hypnosis and methods of bifocal mindfulness.


You don't have to bare your soul to me. The coaching methods I use are just as successful if you prefer not to confide all the details of the issue. Together, we can also work on hidden issues if you wish.


I am personally committed to transparency, both in my work and in my pricing (see below). This means that you are familiar with the exact price and duration of  a coaching session.


My methods to help you get on the right track are efficient and sustainable: Within just three to five sessions we should be well underway.


Together, we will find both the solution to your problem and how to reach your goal in the best possible way - whether it is in your professional or your private life.


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Coaching prices

Type of coaching

Duration per session

Amount per session

Business Coaching

60 Minuten

250,00 Euro

Initial consultation for private individuals

30 Minuten

  50,00 Euro

Coaching for private individuals

60 Minuten

150,00 Euro


45 Minuten

  70,00 Euro


Please note: Coaching is not psychotherapy and cannot replace it.
The prerequisite for working with me is that my clients have normal mental and physical resilience.